It took the women two hours to in any case settle upon which attire to put on. Each and every in their chest had not less than ten clothes, and with constrained time ahead of the dinner party all started, they did not have time to aim all the pieces on, hoping on one anothers' critiques to make their closing choices.

Yvonne selected to maintain it basic with a blue costume that hung to the ground with a white ideal and lengthy sleeves. Tallia went with a extra ornate inexperienced and gold gown with a tail that drug around the surface as she walked. Karlynn went with a pink and purple gown with a glowing most sensible. After they had been all dressed up, they helped each other get their hair achieved up with most effective approximately 1/2 an hour left in the past the dinner party.

They'd simply performed with Karlynn's hair whilst a knock got here on the door. Tallia walked over to respond to the door, and Rhysen walked in observed by way of Aenion. Rhysen wore a black and gold tunic with undeniable black trousers, even though Aenion's armor was once blue with gold trim with a buckle that resembled a face on the waist.

"Wow," Tallia referred to watching the fellows. "You either seem good. Aenion, you freshen up good." She chuckled, noticing that his lengthy beard was once even fancied up with beads.

Aenion simply grumbled.

"He used to be introduced a helmet too, however he did not want to put on it," Rhysen stated.

"How am I alleged to consume with a helmet on," Aenion hollered. "Silly tailor," he delivered as a mumble.

Rhysen scanned the room. "You ladies seem to be amazing," he mentioned with a grin.

"Yeah, you all appearance appropriate." Aenion reported.

"Thank you," all of them observed at the same time.

"Knock, knock," got here Darius' voice from the door.

All of them became to stand him as he entered.

"Wherein's Valeria," Tallia requested.

"She's not likely to be there," he replied. "She's nevertheless engaged on the models for you all to get into the gorge. The excellent news is, she's virtually finished."

"Extraordinary," Aenion talked about. "I am able to get out of right here."

"You recognize, you might be unfastened to go away any time you'd like. You are not a prisoner the following."

Aenion scoffed. "And pass over the all it is easy to consume loose delicacies?"

Darius simply chuckled. "Are you all geared up? I am to escort you to the throne room in which the banquet is being held."

Yvonne seemed round at each person. All of them nodded their heads and responded definite together. "Bet we are as all set as we are gonna be," she suggested.

"Nicely, lets then?"

"Permit's," Rhysen spoke back.

All of them accompanied Darius down the steps and during a sequence of corridors to the throne room. Within, distinctive company sat on the a considerable number of tables that have been establish, however no one turned into dining but. The room turned into full of speaking and laughter because the travelers communicated with each other approximately a variety of subject matters. All of us became properly wearing ornamental outfits, excepted the guards who'd been published on the entrances and exits, yet they did put on ornamental armor versus the fundamental metal armor they mostly wore.

Darius led the gang to their seats. "Please have fun with," he noted turning to go away.

"In which you going," Karlynn requested.

"My location is beside his majesty and his queen. They need to arrive quickly and the ceremonial dinner will initiate."

"Thanks, Darius," Yvonne noted.

He simply smiled to come back then took his depart. Yvonne grew to become to assert a thing to the crowd whilst Aenion reached out to snatch a bread roll from a bowl. Yvonne right away swatted him at the to come back of the hand, and he glared at her as he pulled his hand lower back.

"What the hell, Girl," he reinforced, rubbing the lower back of his hand.

"We do not devour until eventually the king and queen arrive," she observed. "Have you learnt not anything of etiquette?"

Aenion simply checked out her with a glance of distain. She sighed.

"Sorry, I forgot who I used to be chatting with. Palms off."

Aenion grumbled whatever thing in dwarven and busied himself with cracking his knuckles.

Approximately ten mins later, horns sounded and everybody rose to their ft. Aenion appeared round in confusion.

"Stand up," Yvonne pronounced to him among her the teeth.

"What the hell for," Aenion grunted.

Tallia laughed. "The horns capacity the king and queen are arriving," she mentioned. "We stand once they input."

"Neatly, they ain't entered but, so what is the large deal?"

"Simply get your ass up," Yvonne grunted among her enamel returned.

Aenion grumbled once again as he made his technique to his ft.

"Females and gents," shouted a masculine voice. "Now arriving, his majesty King Ulrick Tyrane and Queen Moira Tyrane!"

The horns sounded returned and the king and queen entered. The room full of the sound of applause. Aenion simply clapped his arms two times. The king sat his queen down then waved at his visitors.

"Benefit from the ceremonial dinner," Ulrick hollered then sat down.

Anybody sat down. A few grabbed rolls even as others waited for the 1st path to be served in the past digging in. Aenion had already carried out his 8th roll via that point. The nutrition become scrumptious. He could not anticipate the entre.

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