She's a slack one, born of greed.
Talking limitless phrases, lengthy and empty.
A beggar who nonetheless desires to opt,
A dethroned queen nonetheless calls for her dues.
If you wish whatever thing for not anything you are taking what you get, ...
A virgin whore in a filthy marriage ceremony clothe.

Scream for salvation, beating on loss of life's door.
However simply watch out what you need for.

There is blood stain at the ceiling,
However you are the best duck within the taking pictures gallery.
Seeking to appear out because of a bricked-in window,
Your fate lies inside the alley less than.
Looking to see your self in a shattered reflect,
While all else fails, she holds you with damaged hands.
There is poison in her veins, however the whinge comes without charge,
A brief repair for all that you simply suppose that you just want.

The buyer saint of fools solutions your whole request,
She's all yours now, so give attention to it.

There isn't any shoulder left to cry wolf on,
You might be tied in knots that can not be undone.
Not more warnings will fall on deaf ears,
You lied too in many instances now nobody cares.
No person cares.

An empty promise with a middle of tin,
Her crooked smile beguiles and it attracts you inside of.
The wish for a specific thing greater, all which you would like for,
A kick to the top and a boot to the door.
Chasing a dragon in a girls garments,
A paper path results in choking smoke.
However you realize that you just lit the tournament your self,
Play the burning playing cards that you just dealt

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Lamb of God - Beating on Dying's Door (Lyrics) [HQ] Music eleven of Lamb of God's 2006 album, "Sacrament". All rights reserved to "LAMB OF GOD": Randy Blythe, Mark Morton, Willie Adler, John Campbell, Chris Adler ...youtube.com long

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