under 300 wedding

Jara Amk photoshooter Equipment Janar Jonno amk facebook te knock dia thaken tader uddasha bolchi "Outdor- Photoshoot" under 300 wedding
Click on: 20
Edit: 20
Time: three hour
Money: Simplest 3000 taka
Make Up & Costume Organize via Mannequin
"Indor -Photoshoot"
Click on: 25
Edit: 20
Time: three hour
Money : 6000 taka
"Wedding ceremony - Photoshoot"
Given Pic -three hundred
Edit: one hundred
print out: 50
Gayer Holud time: four hour
Bow Bhaat time : four hour
Cost :30000 taka
Gayer holod+ video trailer thakbe (five min)
Bow bhaat + video trailer thakbe (five min)
Whats up -01688195236

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