(Borrowed Publish)

"Women folk Costume DECENTLY"

One younger woman arrived at a gathering sporting attire that had been especially revealing her physique elements. He took an amazing analyze her and made her take a seat. Then he talked about anything she can always remember in her complete existence. He checked out her directly inside the eyes and pointed out:

"Woman, every little thing that God made during this global which is very valuable and invaluable is definitely protected and infrequently observed, exhausting find and difficult to get...

The place do you discover DIAMONDS?... Deep
down inside the floor, coated and guarded.

In which do you discover the largest PHILIPPINE PEARLS?... Deep down on the backside of the Palawan Ocean, blanketed up and guarded in a phenomenal shell.

The place do you discover GOLD? ... Approach down inside the
MINE, included over with layers of rock and to get it, that you have to work flat out and dig deep right down to get them."

He checked out her with critical eyes and observed:
"Your Physique is SACRED and One of a kind" You might be way more worthy than DIAMONDS, PEARLS
or GOLD, for that reason your physique has to be effectively lined too.

"So, if you happen to prevent your Valuable MINERAL almost like diamonds, pearls, and gold deeply included up, a credible mining corporation with the considered necessary equipment will
fly down and behavior YEARS of intensive

First, they're going to touch your govt {Domestic},
signal pro agreement {wedding ceremony} and mine you professionally { Authorized MARRIAGE}

But when you permit your Valuable MINERALS
exposed at the Floor of the EARTH, you'll always entice lots of Unlawful MINERS who come and mine you illegally. Absolutely everyone will simply go with up their CRUDE
Tool and simply have a dig on you simply
freely like that.

Continue your our bodies DEEPLY Lined in order that it
Invitations Respectable miners to chase you..."

Please be motivated, be of modest garb. Your frame is the temple of God.

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